Change My Software 8.1 Edition: CMS 8.1 is a file that can be installed on your android phone using the computer to dual boot your android phone with windows 8.1 This is an interesting news, isn’t it? Many android users who love to use windows 8.1 on android devices may don’t know about this. They simply go and buy a windows phone. So, if you want to do it on your phone, know more about Change My Software 8.1 edition or also known as CMS 8.1 Editiion.

change my software 8.1 edition for android

This process is a dual boot process. It means you are going to install Windows 8.1 along side your android operating system. Yes, you can use windows and android in a single device using this method. In this post we will shows you the exact procedure and the requirements needed to start the process.

Minimum Requirements Your Phone Should Meet:

♣ You should be in front of your computer while doing this.

♣ You should follow the procedure correctly

♣ An USB cable to connect to your Computer

These are the minimum things you need to install Change My Software 8.1 on Android Tablet/Mobile. You can download the Change My Software 8.1 Edition From the below link.

change my software 8.1 edition download link

You can even install latest windows 10 on your phone using Change My Software 10 Edition for Android.

Download Change My Software 8.1 Edition (CMS 8.1 Edition):

You have to download CMS edition 8.1 first on your computer. So here I am providing you the direct and working file to install Windows 8.1 on Android. After downloading the file, you may start the installation process.

I think you know how to install Windows on Android. In case, you don’t know about this, please go through our tutorial on How to install Change My Software Editions The installation process is explained very clearly and you can install windows 8.1 on Android without any errors.

This is the procedure to install change my software 8.1 edition on Android. Thanks for reading the post. Shoot your questions, if you face any errors.