Exe To Apk Converter: Almost all of us had been using Windows or Mac computers before the smartphones. You must already know that on these computers, the applications have the extension EXE (.exe). This extension tells the OS that the file is executable and hence must be treated as a ‘program’ or ‘application’. The .exe files are used for the installation purposes too. You may have seen many software packages with the ‘Setup.exe’ file, which when accessed runs the installation process.

But, the smartphones uses different types of file extensions for installation as well as app execution. For instance, Android uses the APK file extension for all types of applications. If you need to install an app on the Android device, you will require the APK file for it. But, what if you needed to install an EXE file on your device? There are some EXE apps that do not have an APK counterpart. So, is there a way to install computer OS apps on Android?

exe to apk converter tool download

The good news is that there is an EXE to APK converter tool which can be used to install even the EXE files on your Android device. The tool has been designed by a renowned developer named ‘Change My Software.’ This tool is very effective and can convert almost all types of EXE files. Still wondering how to convert EXE to APK? Here is our guide for you. You can now run iOS apps on Android by installing iEmu Apk on Android.

Download Exe To Apk Converter Tool| Install Exe To Apk Converter:

Exe to apk converter tool download

First things first! You will need to install the converter tool on your computer before you can begin to convert EXE to APK. The good news is that this tool is available for free. The converter tool is quite effective and as already mentioned can convert many EXE files easily. This EXE to APK converting tool is not just free to download but also very easy to use. It is lightweight and does not consume much of the computer resources.

download exe to apk converter tool

Save the app on your computer hard drive and get ready to convert the EXE files of your choice.

The Process Of Converting Exe File To Apk File For Android Operating System:

The EXE to APK converter is easy to use. Once you have downloaded it on your computer, follow the steps below to start converting the desired EXE files:

exe to apk converter tool

  1. Find the location on the hard drive where you downloaded the converter tool and double click to launch it
  2. On the converter tool screen you will see some options. You need to select ‘I have a portable application’
  3. Now click the Next button to proceed
  4. On the next screen you will need to select the EXE file you wish to convert to APK.
  5. It may take some time to load the file onto the application depending upon the size of the file you have chosen to convert to APK.
  6. Once the file has loaded on the converter tool the file description will be displayed on the tool screen. Verify the details and when you are sure click on the button labelled ‘CONVERT’
  7. The conversion process will again take some time depending upon the size of the file
  8. Once the EXE to APK conversion has completed, a confirmation will appear on the screen

Now you have the desired APK file converted from the EXE format. You will need to copy the APK file to your Android device in order to use it. You can use the USB cable to transfer the file. If you don’t have the USB cable you can use SHAREit or any other file sharing app that works on computer and Android both. The computer must have built-in Wi-Fi capabilities or you must have a wireless adapter to use file sharing apps.

You Can Download Exe To Apk Converter Tool For Free From The Below Link:

Exe to apk converter tool download

Check Out The Video Tutorial On How To Use Exe To Apk Converter Tool:


Using the Windows OS applications on your Android device is not impossible anymore. Thanks to the EXE to APK converter tool, you can convert almost all types of EXE files. This is good piece of news who like to use computer apps on mobile devices.