Windows is a popular operating system for Desktops and Microsoft mobile phones. If you want to change your mobile/Tablet android operating system to Windows operating system then you must know about this software. Change my Software edition is the softwares help you to install Windows 10/8.1/8/7/XP on your Android Phone/Tablet.

Follow the process given below to Install Change my software edition on Android Mobile/Tablet. Below way is the proper one to get CMS 10/8.1/8/7/Xp on Android devices. Follow them correctly and change your android operating system to Windows operating system.

Before you choosing Change My Software XP Edition  or Change My Software 10/8.1 Edition or any other one, you need to check below requirements. We strongly suggest you to go through these requirements before you Dual Boot your Android phone.

Requirements to Install Change My Software Edition:

♣ Mobile/Tablet with Android operating system installed.

USB  Cable for further transfers

♣ Internet Connection with better speed to avoid installation fails in the middle.

♣ Change my Software 10 Editions/8 Edition or 7 or Xp etc.

You can download Change My Software Editions from below links:

change my software 8.1 edition

If you have all the required things mentioned above, you can start installing Change My Software XP edition or any other editions immediately.

Install Change My Software Edition on Android Mobile/Tablet, Dual Boot Android Device:

Suppose If you want to install Change my Software 7 edition on your android phone, All you need is download the software on your PC/ Laptop

» Now connect your android phone to PC using the USB cable.

» Next step is launching the downloaded Change my software edition software on your Desktop/Laptop.

» Select Android to Windows 7 software to install Windows 7 on Android phone/Tablet. If you want to install other operating systems, download other versions and run on your PC. If you want to remove installed Windows on Android phone, click on Windows > Android.

change my software edition

» Tap on continue option to proceed further in the installation.

» After clicking on continue, next option is selection preferred language. Select your language and your download will start immediately.

get change my software edition

» It takes some time to download all the drivers on your phone. So, wait for 10-15 minutes. It may take more time if you have low internet speed.

» After the software is downloaded completely, you will see Install option. Before you click on it, do not mark the check box appears above the Install Button.

» Click on Install button and wait for some time.

» your Android Phone/Tablet reboot automatically after the software installed successfully.

Now you will see two operating systems in your Android Phone/Tablet. Select windows operating system to use on Android.

That’s all about Change My Software Edition and How to Dual Boot Android Phone/Tablet to Install Windows 10/8.1/8/7/XP on Mobile/Tablet. I hope you will enjoy using windows OS on your Android phone. If you face any problems in installation, comment below.